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  • How do I place an order?
    For any custom cake orders, please get in touch with us via WhatsApp or email and we will send over our Order Enquiry Catalogue for you. It contains our menu, sizes, starting prices and a detailed section on how our ordering process works. For on-demand orders, we are available on Chatfood (which you can order by clicking the small widget icon on the bottom right corner of our website) as well as the Deliveroo App.
  • How far ahead of time should I book my customized cake?
    All of our custom cakes are made to order, so we highly recommend getting in touch sooner rather than later as it is all dependent on availability.
  • What available sizes of cake do you have?
    We have 4 standard sizes for our cakes that can be chosen from depending on serving size. Please note all of our sizing’s have been calculated according to both coffee and dessert servings. So if you are a little worried on not having enough slices, we recommend either sizing up or going for a 2 or 3-tiered cake.
  • I need a cake urgently. Do you have any readily available cakes in your studio?
    Unfortunately, we don’t. All of our larger cakes are custom made to order with at least 24 hours’ notice depending on availability. If you are looking for having a cake within the hour, we do have our mini lunchbox cakes that have a lead time of 60 min (depending on availability) and can be ordered through Chatfood or Deliveroo (for pick-up or delivery). All of our cookies are baked to order.
  • I am allergic to nuts. Do you work nuts in your kitchen?
    We recognize that food allergies, in some instances, may be severe and even occasionally life-threatening. The foods most likely to cause allergic reactions and that are used within the kitchen include peanuts and tree nuts, eggs, milk, gluten and cereal containing gluten. We have created & implemented policies to reduce the likelihood of severe allergic reactions to the consumers with effective staff trainings to avoid allergic contamination by cleaning the utensils and equipment after handling allergenic foods. While we try our best to avoid cross-contamination, please note that all products are at some degree of risk for some level of potential cross-contamination with allergens. Please make sure to always inform us on any allergies when enquiring on a custom order from us.
  • Do you have any vegan/gluten-free cakes available?
    Unfortunately we do not. All of our desserts contain gluten and dairy.
  • What are your cakes covered in? Do you work with fondant?
    Depending on the design, all of our cakes are covered in a simple American buttercream. We do not use fondant or sugar paste on any of our cakes.
  • How do I care for my cake now that I have received it?
    If you have ordered a custom cake order form us, you will receive our cake care/cake cutting guide to help you make the best of your order. It includes all info on how to store the cake and has a few tips & tricks on cake cutting along with a guide. All of our cakes should be stored in the fridge, but eaten at room temp. For all of our dried goods, such as cookies, we highly suggest storing them in an air-tight container in a cool, dry space.
  • I saw a cake on you Instagram page that I would like to order, is that possible?
    Of course! All of our cakes can be customizable as well in terms of colors and size (as well as mixing and matching different elements to create your own unique cake). Please note that each cake is custom made, with no cake being exactly the same.
  • I’d like to order a cake with fresh flowers. Is there anything I need to know?
    All stems of fresh flowers are trimmed, rinsed and wrapped in floral tape before it is inserted into the cake. We only use fresh flowers that are in season, available and non-toxic. We cannot guarantee the exact same flowers if requested from a previous design, however similar floral colours and placement can be used. Fresh/dried flowers in a cake should not be kept in the cake overnight.
  • What are you starting prices? What determines the cost of my cake order?
    Get in touch with us directly to receive our order enquiry catalogue which includes our menu, all of our starting prices for each size as well as some additional info needed to help you along with making an order. The final price of your cake is determined once a cake flavour, design and size are chosen.
  • How does your payment work for orders?
    Payment for orders can be made by payment link upon confirmation. Bank transfer, card or cash payments must be done at least 24 hours before collection. Orders below AED 700 that are made within 24 hours’ notice or less will be charged the full amount upon confirmation. Orders above AED 700 will be charged a 50% deposit of the total order upon confirmation, with the remaining 50% upon collection/delivery.
  • Where do I collect my order?
    All cakes are to be collected from our studio. Please call us on +971585747324 if you are struggling to find us!
  • What are your collection hours?
    Our collection hours are between 9:30am-5:30pm Monday-Saturday.
  • Do you do deliveries?
    All orders made through Chatfood or Deliveroo are available for deliveries to limited areas only. For larger custom cake orders, we currently work with a third-party courier service (refrigerated vans) who deliver to certain areas within Dubai. We'll just need to know the location and preferred drop-off time and we will be able to check availability. Delivery rate is calculated based on drop off location.
  • I’d like to celebrate my birthday at Rise! Do you offer any private cake decorating workshops?
    We do! Please get in touch with us through our website here or through mobile or email for private workshop bookings. We also offer any help with decorations needed. We work with incredible homegrown businesses and brands in Dubai to offer a one-of-a-kind experience catered to your taste such as balloon decorations, signage and food.
  • Do you serve any other desserts other than cake?
    We do! Have a look at our menu here for other options.
  • I am looking for a unique space to rent for an event. Can I rent the Rise Bakehouse space?
    Yes, you can rent our space for any event or launch. Please get in touch with us here or email us directly and we can send over our portfolio for you.
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